Early Medical Women (EMWoNZ)

The University of Auckland is conducting the Early Medical Women (EMWoNZ) project to gather historical information about women who graduated from the Otago Medical School between 1896-1967.

EMWoNZ Graduates

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Graduating year Full name Other Surname
1896 Emily Hancock Siedeberg
Emily was the first woman to graduate with a medical degree in New Zealand. In 1907, she presented a paper to the medical society that is said to be one of the first pieces of real research reported at its meetings.
1897 Margaret Barnet Cruickshank
Margaret was the first woman to register as a medical practitioner in New Zealand. In 1903 she became the first New Zealand woman to gain an MD.
1900 Constance Helen Frost
1900 Jane Kinder
1900 Daisy Elizabeth Platts
Daisy became the first woman doctor to work in private practice in Wellington.
1900 Alice Woodward
Alice was the first woman honorary bacteriologist and pathologist at Auckland Hospital.
1902 Jessie Clarkson Maddison
1903 Eleanor Southey Baker Baker-McLaglan
1904 Agatha Helen Jane Adams Monfries
1904 Winifrede Ismay Bathgate
Winifrede was the first woman employed as one of Dunedin hospital's medical staff.
1904 Emily Helen Violetta Nees Ridley
1906 Ada Gertrude Paterson
1910 Ina Burnham Dugleby Moody
1911 Catherine Louisa Will
In 1911, Catherine became the first woman house surgeon at Dunedin Hospital.
1915 Doris Clifton Jolly
Doris was one of the first St Margaret's College (women's university residence) medical graduates. In 1925, she became the first woman in Australasia to gain a fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. In 1927 she founded the New Zealand Obstetrical Society (1927). First woman (outside royalty) to become an honorary fellow of the British Collge of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (previously bestowed on only 20 leading obstetricians in the world).
1916 Mary Francesca Compere Dowling
Mary was one of the first St Margaret's College (women's university residence) medical graduates.
1916 Gladys Margaret Wilkes Shaw
1916 Irene Woodhouse
1917 Mabel Aileen Hanron Christie
1918 Grace Stevenson
1918 Marion King Bennie Whyte
Marion was the first anaesthetist appointed at Dunedin Hospital. In 1928, she became the Otago Medical School's first lecturer in anaesthesia.
1918 Mary Phoebe Wilson
1919 Emma Gertrude Applegate Atmore
1920 Beatrix Helen Bakewell
1920 Elspeth Mary Cameron Fitzgerald
1921 Moana Maru Anderson Gow
1921 Sylvia Gytha de Lancy Chapman
1921 Rosina Dorothy Crawley Richards
1921 Eva Esther Day Hill
1921 Rita Ethel Osborne Gillies
1922 Muriel Emma Bell Hefford; Saunders
1922 Eily Elaine Gurr
Eily set up New Zealand's first antenatal clinics at St Helen's and at other maternity hospitals.
1922 Phyllis Haddow
1922 Grace Helena Kine Proude
1922 Frances Isabella McAllister Preston
1922 Augusta Manoy Klippel
1922 Zealanda Marshall Aitken
1922 Phyllis Mather
1922 Hessie Morton McDermid
1922 Hazel Rebecca Bryan Patterson Allison
1922 Marion Aroha Radcliffe-Taylor
1922 Susannah Catherine Campbell Sinclair
1923 Ruth Marjorie Cruickshank Barclay
1923 Mary Anderson Champtaloup
1923 Mollie Fisher Christie
1923 Isabella Gault Wise
1923 Elizabeth Kate Jary Hughes
1923 Elizabeth Pretoria Lumsden Hall
1923 Edith Annie Mayo
1923 Marjorie Smith-Wilson
1923 Caroline Morrow Stenhouse
1923 Kathleen Mary Todd
1924 Winifred Ethel Cox Morton
1924 Muriel Helen Easterfield Deem
1924 Gladys Muirson MacAlister Bremner
1924 Margaret Joan Mayfield Williams
1924 Alice Campbell Rose Tallerman
1924 Dorothy Sweeney McKeefrey
1924 Jeanie Gardner Wood Fougere
1925 Catherine Ellen Weppener Anderson
1925 Cecily Mary Aroha Wise Clarkson Pickerill
1925 Mary Douglas
1925 Theodora Clemens Easterfield Hall
1925 Nina Catherine Howard Muir
1925 Ella Langley Connolly
1925 Effie Muriel Morgan
1925 Uriti May Strack Strack-Torrie
1926 Eleanor Kathleen Abbott
1926 Margaret Marion Grater Lemon
1926 Janette Muir Grave King
1926 Helen Edith Lochhead Dougall
1926 Phyllis Maude Moir Babington
1926 Felicia Walmsley
1927 Jessie Alexander Burnett
1927 Barbara Hay Henry Roche
1927 Beryl Jessie Lawrence
1927 Alexandra Carson Mathieson
1927 Mary Jane Hulse Russell
1927 Pauline Catherine Witherow Aitkin; Simcock
1928 Helen Isabel Houghton
1929 Bettina Matraves Collier Hamilton
1929 Nola Mary Ivory
1929 Rosalind Brackenbury Latter
1929 Kathleen Anuei Pih
Kathleen was the first Chinese graduate at the University of Otago.
1929 Dorothy Smith Kelly
1930 Ellen Gough Heycock Boddy
1930 Elfie McCaskill Needham; Connall
1930 Adah Hamilton Evelyn Platts-Mills Blomfield
1930 Anne Margaret Thomson
1931 Anna Lydia Hansen Nannestad
1931 Katherine Milner Hastie
1932 Florence Aileen Craig
1932 Teresa Imelda Craig Thompson
1932 Martha Kirkland Grigor Gregory
1932 Meredith Conley Moore
1932 Margaret Ruth Sneddon
1932 Marie Payne Stringer Buchler
1933 Beryl Eveline G. Bowden Douglas
1933 Zoe Cuff Rutherford Mason
1933 Dorothy Marian Stewart
1934 Ruth Margaret Boyd-Wilson Hill
1934 Evelyn Joyce Burley Lester
1934 Elizabeth Vivien Newlands
1934 Marion Kerr Steven
1934 Mary Watson
1934 Gertrude Aphra Willis Morley
1935 Margaret Annie Birks Begg
1935 Mavel Collis Wood Laing
1936 Margaret Elizabeth Wilson Christie MacDonald
1936 Gertrude Louisa Galliers Brosnahan
1936 Margaret Stuart Riddell Smith
1936 Alice Grace Stanley Armour
1936 Dora Mary Stevenson-Wright Young
1936 Myrtle Inez Thew Hill
1936 Claudia Lilian Weston also Shand
1937 Annie Hayes Berry
1937 Margaret Robina Jackson Chieffi
1937 Beatrice Esther Nelson Schuchard
1937 Alice Mary Stanton Bush
1938 Margaret Fraser Hunter Gatman
1938 Lindsay MacDougall
1938 Dorothy Spence-Sales
1938 Molly Wagstaff Smith
1939 Alison Jean Marshall
1939 Norma May Morey Witters
1939 Jean Mary Sandel
1940 Norma Beatrice Benson
1940 Eunice Janet McLean Loan
1940 Anne Helen Morgan-Coakle
1940 Christabel Mary Spence-Sales Wallace; Dickie
1941 Irene Glenwynne Burford Rhodes
1941 Elsie Craig Gibbons
1941 Cecilia Ellen Hands
1941 Mavis Laline McClymont
In 1971, Mavis became the first recipient of the Awards Scheme for training in venereology (introduced by the Director-General of Health, Dr D.P. Kennedy).
1941 Catherine Newman Weisz
1941 Olga Wilhelmina Lina Semon
1941 Mary Lorraine Talbot
1942 Margaret McBeth Beedie Buxton
1942 Elizabeth Rae Brown
1942 Roma Holbrook Chatfield Roberts
1942 Marjorie Elizabeth Cuttle Macready
1942 Margaret Isabel Elliott Giles
1942 Hilda Fleischl
1942 Iris Mabel Emily Hamlin
1942 Nancy Jocelyn Hunter Gruar
1942 Marjorie Dorothea Rohan
1942 Margaret Isabel Wishart
1943 Molly Joan Boyes Woodroffe
1943 Patricia Rae Ford McDonald
1943 Alison Hunter
1943 Jean Dudley Margaret Jerram Savage
1943 Joan Katherine McDougall Griggs
1943 Rachel Mark
1943 Aileen Nada Maxwell
1943 Margaret Isobel Erskine Neave
1943 Monica Annie Ongley Neville
1944 Ada Maisie Gilling
1944 Joyce May Emery Gones Merriman
1944 Mary Joyce Marples
1944 Margaret Isabel Moore Wishart
1944 Daphne Phyllis Morrison Adams
1944 June Esther Reid Kriechbaum
1944 Flora Smith
1945 Maureen Bridgman Dingwall
1945 Shirley Lyford Curtis Tonkin
1945 Jean Winsome Isdale McLean
1945 Helen Maxwell Jeans
1945 Joan Eleanor Robertson Walton
1945 Diana Manby Shaw Mason
1945 Norma Claire Campbell Shepherd Kent
1945 Phyllis Mary Stockdill Armstrong
1945 Patricia Hunter Will Cook
1945 Juliet Carleton Williams Harrison
1945 Mollie Marmion Wood Pryor
1946 Nancy Serena Geddes Butt Butt-Kwan
1946 Margaret Mary Isdale Clayton
1946 Sheila Frances Wilding Hurrell
1946 Ngaire Alexander Woods
1946 Stephanie Joy Wylie Ellis
1947 Judy Ann David Collins Wilson
1947 Winifred Mary Croke Staple
1947 Judith Moyra de Vernot Faris
In 1955, Judith established New Zealand's first official antenatal class in her Takapuna garage.
1947 Prudence Anne Fitzgerald Abrahams
1947 Barbara McLeod Graham Allen
1947 Edith Jean Lyness
1947 Jean MacDonald Boyd
1947 Diana Marcia Morton Smith
1947 Nancy Margaret Salmond Saunders
1947 Maire Jean Tait Smith
1947 Mary Alice Theodore Tolley
1947 Helen Rarity Young McCreanor
1948 Fay Booth Young
1948 Helen Kathleen Borg
1948 Barbara Farnsworth Cupit Heslop
1948 Marianne Fillenz
1948 Maxine Winslow Gray Wanty
1948 Mary Hanafin Coldham
1948 Elaine Valerie Hulse Osmond
1948 Rachel Monk
1948 Diana Montgomery Edwards
1948 Rina Winifred Moore
Rina was New Zealand's first Maori woman doctor
1948 Shirley Blyth Robertson
1948 Olga Dorothea Skousgaard Batt
1948 Zoe Petronella Smuts-Kennedy During
1948 Linnie Bryant Tombleson Calvert
1948 Dorothy Field Usher Potter
1948 Patricia Wilson MacKay
1949 Ruth Evelyn Adams Mitchell
1949 Margaret Shirley Andrews Tennent
1949 June Barclay
1949 Thelma Constance Becroft
1949 Beverley Jean Brown Luke
1949 Noeline Clemens Burn
1949 Rosemary Agatha Clendon Faull
1949 Stella Lindsay Horwell Johnstone
1949 Beryl Overton Howie
Beryl was the first New Zealand woman to hold a full medical chair when she was appointed full Professor within the University of Punjab, India
1950 Jane Aylward Munro
1950 Kathleen Elsie Brown Wake
1950 Mary Litster Burnet O'Halloran
1950 Keitha Corlett Farmer
1950 Shirley Elizabeth Entrican
1950 Susi Ruth Levinsohn Levene
1950 Margaret Elizabeth Rudd Coop
1950 Helen Florence Salkeld Wood
1951 Deirdre Morag Airey
1951 Patricia Elizabeth Gardner
1951 Meredyth Colston Gunn Wilson
1951 Ann Priscilla Jarvis McKinnon
1951 Marjorie Joyce King Seymour
1951 Shona McLeod Hodgson
1951 Jane Munro Harrison
1951 Teresa Patricia Riordan
1951 Marie Margaret Simpson
1951 Margaret Winn Wray Hoodless; Guthrie
1951 Marjorie Rose Young
1952 Edith Ruth Blumenthal Black
1952 Joan Dorothy Anne Casserley
1952 Muriel Blanche Elizabeth Berney Falcon Mason
1952 Mary Lillian David Skinner
1952 Margaret Woods Phear
1953 Phyllis Muriel Brass
1953 Colleen Anne Conyngham Hall
1953 Margot Ronson Craw Gardner
1953 Adrienne Lorraine Croucher Gibson
1953 Joan Jessep Fitchett Kay; Presland
1953 Eva Ruth Hersch Seelye
1953 Helen Margaret Irwin Hunt Liley
1953 Clara Elizabeth Jackson Rawley
1953 Mary Max Patrick
1953 Selma Ronigar-Hahn
1953 Kathleen Rose Standage
1953 Senga Florence Whittingham
1954 Irene Abrahamson Valentine
1954 Elizabeth Beauchamp Naylor
1954 Patricia Ann Coates Weston
1954 Margaret Mirriam Hart Belton
1954 Kathleen Audrey Johnstone Bradford
1954 Evelyn Belle Lind
1954 Natalia Pachomov Venetz
1954 Margaret Clare Sidey Gibberd
1954 Katharine Helen Campbell Thomson Bowden
1954 Joy Krishna Mohanty
1955 Heather Baillie Thomson
1955 Mercia Annette Barnes
1955 Patricia Bassett
1955 Bronwen Eileen Broomfield Robinson
1955 Charlotte Lilian Christie Robertson
1955 Constance Marguerita Dennehy
1955 Gwenyth Marie Hookings Allison
1955 Margaret Iris King Meffan
1955 Cathryn Anne McIver Christie
1955 Patricia Claire Meikle Cairney
1955 Clarice Lora Moore Main
1955 Margaret Dawn Parsonage Maxwell
1955 Alison Myra Tarrant Gaitonde
1955 Tania Tatiana
1956 Elizabeth Anne Bowie
1956 Elizabeth Mary Corbett Irvine
1956 Pamela Mary Dawe McGruer
1956 Judith Karaitiana Hall
1956 Annie Low Moy
1956 Ngaire Margaret McKerrow Walsh
1957 Jocelyn Valerie Bell Hay
1957 Joan Shirley Chapple
1957 Patricia Mary Clarkson
1957 Simme Coggin Alterman
1957 Lesley Kathleen Harries Doak
1957 Susanna Renate Lemchen Williams
1957 Elizabeth Margaret Rich
1957 Judith Cherry Smith Wardill
1957 Hendrika Jacoba Waal-Manning
1957 Jennifer Colston Wilson
1958 Helen Beaumont Angus
1958 Pamela Brown Jones
1958 Patricia Marie Buckfield
1958 Annetta Elsie Alexandra Gillies
1958 Helen Maud Simpson Bichan
1959 Elizabeth Aitken Ramage
1959 Kathleen Mary Christian Lawther
1959 Lindsay Howard Couper
1959 Rosalie Davida-Horvath
1959 Jean Fyfe Bryant
1959 Viola Cornelia Heine Palmer
1959 Braida Merle Hopper
1959 Janice Marion McKay McConville
1959 Rosalie Helen McPherson Sneyd
1960 Glenys Patricia Arthur Smart
1960 Elizabeth Waugh Burns Berry
1960 Miriam Frank
1960 Elizabeth Ann Hodge Hewitt
1960 Patricia Houghton Wood
1960 Alison Jean Knox Sommerville
1960 Isla Ellen Lonie Frew
1960 Heather Macallan Leslie
1960 Kantha Madhavji Soni
1960 Judith Anne Radcliffe Barfoot
1960 Norma Jean Restieaux
1960 Rachel Emily Senn Maule
1960 Ailsa Mary Smith Morrison-Galt
1960 Elaine Mary Tutchen O'Brien
1960 Noeline Lillian Beatrice Walker Carrington
1960 Roma Agnes Wilson
1961 Pauline Anne Ellis Blue
1961 Tatyana Hillerby Goodyaew
1961 Mirdza Robins Palmer
1961 Janis Lorin Sutherland Oliver
1961 Phyllis Margaret Taylor Charlton
1962 Dorothy Haydn Bell Cameron
1962 Barnett Rae Eades
1962 Helen Robyn Hewland
1962 Dorothy Jean Kral
1962 Maureen Joan Lester Peskett
1962 Cecily Anne McNulty Cowie
1962 Mary Victoria Miller Cameron
1962 Meon Carolyn Shand
1962 Lorraine Elsa Smith
1963 Helen Brading Foreman MacNeill
1963 Florence Anne Fraser
1963 Hester Nina Grudnoff Squire
1963 Mary Robertson Heyhoe
1963 Janet Rickord McCall Irwin Smith
1963 Jocelyn Mabel MacKnight
1963 Maureen Anne O'Brien Bassili
1963 Lesley Anne Palmer Smith
1963 Billie Rosemary Jane Porter Campbell
1963 Katherine Jean Scott Lennane
1963 Margaret June Sparrow
1963 Ngaire Jean Twose Jeffreys
1964 Viopapa Edwina Annandale Atherton
1964 Marion Ruth Bucens Fromm
1964 Lucy Fong King Chung Chan
1964 Judith Anne Daniels Driscoll
1964 Marion Joy Dewar Carey-Smith
1964 Winnifred Anne Fisher Kennedy
1964 Karen Thelma France Palmer
1964 Anthea Helen Hatfield Wheeler
1964 Helen Ann James
1964 Marion Joan Kral Boock
1964 Marion Joy McInnes Hamilton
1964 Margaret Alison McLaglan Rainer
1964 Evelyn Jean Martindale Mander
1964 Ruth Harriet Stevenson Schell
1964 Karen Deborah Zelas Williams
1965 Robin Helen Briant
1965 Gael Brook McLean
1965 Margaret Christine Cunningham Croxson
1965 Dorothy Edith Dowd Stevens
1965 Beth Janice Leslie MacGregor Synek
1965 Ann Elizabeth Minnie Steele
1966 Gabrielle Brett Collison Doyle
1966 Joan Lorraine Faoagali Wilson
1966 Suzanne Helen Hatch East
1966 Anna Astrid Holst Orgill
1966 Jill Juanita Kelly Calveley
1966 Lynsie Ruth Kerr Kitchen
1966 Barbara Jean Rusbatch Hooker
1966 Marise Anne Thacker
1966 Karen Margaret Leslie Ward
1966 Mary Anthea Wright Ellis
1967 Ailsa Clyne Heath Barker
1967 Doreen Constance Bolton
1967 Noeline Margaret Butcher
1967 Patricia Dorothy Cruickshank Hill
1967 Ynys Tamazin Douglas
1967 Ann Lang Philipp
1967 Beryl Monica Lewis Moody
1967 Janet Antonoff Lewis Dunlop
1967 Elizabeth Celia Purves
1967 Jocelyn Mary Williams
We have endeavoured to ensure that the graduate information available on this website is accurate and up-to-date. However, there may be some names here that are male, not female graduates, or we may have omitted a female graduate unintentionally. If this is the case, please let us know by emailing earlymedwomen@auckland.ac.nz.